Whattaya Think?

from SGN #63:

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Whattaya Think?



"What's the best way to use up your scrap glass?"

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I give my scraps away. I send the little treasures off to a happy home, wither a community resource evening class group, or an occupational therapy program. The instructors are delighted since they function on a limited budget, and their students have a ball picking through the possibilities!
   – Debra Dick

I have been doing stained glass for about 3 years and usually concentrate on panels. I often have leftover glass. The larger pieces ( over about 6") are just put back into my stock. Pieces over 1" are stored in boxes labeled with a generic color name such as white, yellow, brown, etc. All shades of that particular color go into the box. When I am doing a panel that I feel needs a small area of a different shade of a color, O go into my scraps and try to find the shade that I need. This is often helpful in shadow areas and gives the panel a deeper look.
   – John Domanico

My wife, Carole, and I have made over 30 glass pieces so far in our 3 years of glass. I have boxes and boxes of scrap glass. I try to separate the colors. Our original thought was to make a collage with some of the extra, but we haven't done it yet.
Steve and Carole Hampton

I don't do a lot of mosaics, so when my bin of scrap glass gets too full, I put an ad in the paper advertising stained glass scraps. I got over 60 calls from people wanting it. I got to talk to a lot of different people with the same interests as me, and was able to recycle what would normally have been thrown out.
Deana Hayes

I have two things that I do with scrap glass. The very small pieces (sometimes I make them small on purpose) I tumble with water in a rock tumbler. This takes the sharp edges off for making mosaic stepping stones. I have also donated scraps to our local middle school art class. They have a short program for 7th graders who learn copper foiling and make sun catchers. They also have an advanced class for 8th graders who do copper foiling, leading, mosaics, and fusing. I have volunteered my time helping these kids and I have so much fun! Some of the children haven't completed much in their lives and they actually go home with something that will last a lifetime. They love it and I'm thrilled that they are able to use my scraps for such a worthwhile project.
Carol Kush

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