Welcome to the Stained Glass News website!

Stained Glass News is a full-color newspaper which has been dedicated to informing, entertaining and inspiring stained glass hobbyists for 25 over years. Each issue features:

• information on new books, tools and glass
• quick tips & hints and Q&A's
• columns on stained glass, mosaics, and hot glass by industry experts
• photos of our readers' projects in the Readers' Gallery
• glassworking hints from our readers on The Readers' Page
• a photo and information about a glass workshop belonging to one of our readers on The Readers' Page
• other information that makes working with glass easier, more fun and more rewarding

SGN is published five times a year (on the first of January, March, May, September and November). The current issue is SGN #116 (September, 2015).

Click here for a list of stained glass suppliers that distribute Stained Glass News to their customers.

If you have missed some issues, and your local supplier doesn't have any left, you can order them from us. To see which issues we have left, visit our Back Issues page.